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Proper use of steam radiators can extend their life

2021-09-05Common Problem1519

1. Before starting work, the cooling water and mixed gas in the radiator should be drained. After preheating for 5 to 10 minutes, it will start working again.

2. When using steam as a heat medium, be careful not to use overpressure.

3. When the fan stops or encounters other accidents, the supply of heat medium should be stopped immediately; when the radiator stops working, the supply of cold air should be stopped.

4. The heat exchanger generally uses a pressure of 16kg/cm2 and a maximum temperature of 300°C. When the incoming air temperature is lower than the freezing point, the steam pressure in the radiator shall not be lower than 0.35kg/cm2.

5. The air economical weight flow rate of the radiator ranges from 4 to 10kg/㎡.s.

6. The cover plate of the radiator should be equipped with a blower valve. Depending on the heat medium used, its installation position is different, when using high temperature water, it is placed on the upper cover. In order to discharge the air in the inner cavity of the radiator, the heat dissipation efficiency is improved.

7. Corrosive medium shall not be used.

8. After the radiator works, the cold water in it should be drained. In order to prevent freezing, the radiator with hot water should continue to circulate in the inner cavity of the radiator with a small amount of hot water.

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