Company Profile

Guangzhou Liyuan Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, close to Baiyun Airport, with convenient transportation, and can quickly serve enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region. It is a subsidiary company of Guangzhou Qingli, a well-known heat exchanger factory. Focus on the installation and maintenance of heat exchange equipment, serving the heat exchanger industry, boilers, industrial air conditioners and other environmental protection and energy saving industries.

Guangzhou Liyuan has the gene of daring, hard work, serious and responsible, strong strength, not only the company management has decades of industry background, but also has many mechanical designers, equipment installation technicians, and senior welders. It has rich cases and experience in applications such as waste heat recovery, workshop cooling, greenhouse heating, and industrial drying rooms.

Guangzhou Liyuan always takes safety production as the first responsibility, adhering to the principle of “safety and quality go hand in hand, speed and efficiency go hand in hand”, and provides high-quality heat exchanger installation projects, which has won the support and trust of many customers and friends. There are unlimited business opportunities, let us work together to create tomorrow.

Main Business

  • Surface cooler installation and modification
  • Energy saver installation and renovation
  • Installation and renovation of heat exchange equipment

Qingli installation craftsmanship,Keep improving

Guangzhou Liyuan has the gene of Qingli dare to fight, dare to work hard, be serious and responsible, and has strong strength

Has rich cases and experience in waste heat recovery, workshop cooling, greenhouse heating, industrial drying room and other applications


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