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Waste heat recovery system schematic flue gas recovery solutions

2022-09-13Boiler Industry468
Recently, many customers are looking for flue gas recovery device, where there are manufacturers of flue gas recovery and treatment, we Guangzhou
Qingli recently made a lot of solutions, such as the traditional boiler plant flue gas recovery, the environmental protection requirements of high harmful
flue gas cooling desulfurization recovery. Flue gas is the main way for general energy-consuming equipment to waste energy. For example, the energy 
consumption of boiler exhaust is about 15 %, while other equipment such as setting machine, dryer and kiln in printing and dyeing industry are mainly 
consumed by flue gas emission. Flue gas waste heat recovery is mainly to convert the heat carried by the flue gas into available heat through a certain 
heat exchange method. Many customers do not know the principle of their own, in order to facilitate everyone to understand the need for equipment, 
as well as our flue gas recovery, waste heat energy-saving device how to use, we designed to draw a solution diagram ! 
Engine heat exchanger can be designed according to various working conditions and the actual situation of the flue gas recovery device to meet 
customer needs, we have done a large smoke recovery period, large smoke recovery device please click to view :