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Heat Exchanger Unit Temperature Control Principle

2021-12-02Industry News2264

Heat exchanger unit temperature control principle:
1. Automatic timing switch. Timing switch control can be realized according to time, date and different time periods.
2. The standby circulating pump and the heat exchanger are automatically switched at regular intervals. The circulating pump is switched regularly, and the fault of the circulating pump is automatically crossed; the main board heat exchanger and the standby plate heat exchanger are switched regularly to maximize the service life of the system.
3. Automatic switching between power frequency and variable frequency. The system collects temperature and pressure signals to control the frequency conversion of circulating pumps and make-up pumps. It can automatically realize the frequency conversion switching between multiple circulating pumps and multiple make-up pumps, and the automatic switching between frequency conversion and power frequency.
4. Simple, intuitive and user-friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate and use. Equipped with a touch screen, the system will have a good human-machine interface, which can display the complete system operating status, equipment status and various thermal parameters, and the operating parameters are centralized digital display. It can be controlled locally or networked with the central control room, which is convenient for users to monitor remotely.
5. Powerful remote communication function. It can be wired or wirelessly connected to the host computer. It can realize both local area network control and wireless monitoring. When a fault occurs, a wireless alarm signal will be sent to the administrator’s mobile phone immediately, so that the system can be repaired at the first time.
6. Practical hot and cold dual function. CPHEX intelligent heat exchange unit can supply both heating and cooling. Through the sharing of core plate heat exchangers and components, the utilization rate of core components has been fully improved, and the vacancy rate of half of the core components of a single unit has been eliminated, so that users have the opportunity to spend one and a half or even one set. Two heat exchange units are supplied for heating.
7. Highly automated settings, truly unattended. The automatic control system of CPHEX intelligent heat exchange unit adopts the world famous automatic control components such as Siemens, combined with the world’s most advanced and fully intelligent automatic control design. High degree of automation, strong sensitivity, accurate temperature, small fluctuation, to achieve true unattended, maximize the saving of user human resources.
8. High-quality imported core components determine the longer service life and more reliable operation of the equipment. CPHEX intelligent heat exchange unit adopts the high heat exchange efficiency Spree force plate heat exchanger as the core heat exchange equipment to ensure sufficient heat supply; it uses German Siemens temperature sensors, programmable controllers, and electric control valves to ensure constant temperature heating. Select the circulating water pump from Grundfos of Denmark and Wilo of Germany for water supply. All of this determines the high quality and high operational stability of the Spryli heat exchange unit, as well as very low maintenance costs and labor consumption.
9. Reliable and stable system protection settings. There are a lot of system protections attached to the Spryli heat exchange unit system. Over-voltage protection; over-temperature protection; over-current protection; power-off protection and other safety protection measures. To ensure the safe and stable operation and use of the system.

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