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“Exhibition Highlights” Guangzhou Qingli 2019 Hot Expo ended perfectly

2021-09-05Qingli News1787

The 15th China Thermal Energy Expo (referred to as the Thermal Expo) with the theme of “clean heating, smart heating, energy saving and high efficiency” was grandly exhibited at the Canton Fair Complex from August 16th to 18th. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a business platform for exchanges and cooperation for Chinese thermal energy, thermal energy, energy saving and clean energy enterprises, so that China’s thermal energy and energy technology equipment can go to the world and promote the globalization of the thermal energy utilization industry. In terms of the scale of the exhibition, the exhibition area of this expo is 80,000 square meters, attracting nearly 2,500 exhibitors, and more than 100,000 buyers and visitors from home and abroad.

Guangzhou Qingli 2019 Hot Expo

Guangzhou Qingli focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of heat exchangers, air radiators and boiler economizers. As a specially invited brand of the Thermal Expo, it is listed in honor. The specific location is in the Boiler and Biomass Energy Exhibition Hall (Hall 6.1) of the Thermal Expo. Conspicuous special location, see the following picture:



From the elevator to Hall 6.1, you can see Guangzhou Qingli

Guangzhou Qingli Thermal Energy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 18㎡ luxury booth

Wonderful moments of the exhibition

Let Xiaobian use pictures to review some of the wonderful moments of this exhibition:

The booth is full

Carefully understand customers of air radiators

Carefully understand customers of boiler economizers

Customers who need surface coolers and evaporators, and have reached preliminary cooperation intentions

Reached the intention of cooperation and added customers who continue to consult on WeChat

Foreign trade customers

The foreign guests received in this exhibition are from Germany, Russia, and there are also many in Southeast Asia, such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.;

There are many old friends who know that we have traveled thousands of miles from abroad to see our on-site booth at this exhibition and also visited our factory in Huadu, Guangzhou, and there are more than 50 old customers received on-site;

Data review

Using data to review the results of this three-day hot expo in Guangzhou Qingli, the total number of people received exceeded 4,000, a total of

Established cooperation intention with 1000+ customers and added WeChat friends. Among them, there are 10+ customers who signed a sample contract and paid a deposit on the spot, and there is also an on-site order contract from a Thai customer.

So far, the August 16-18 Guangzhou Qingli Heat Expo has come to a successful conclusion.

Here, I would like to thank all the new and old customers who have visited and placed orders, and thank the relevant colleagues of Qingli for their participation and dedication. You have worked hard!

For customers who have not been to the exhibition site, they can learn about our services and products through any of the following official websites:

Chinese official website: www.gzqingli.com

Chinese Alibaba: gzqingli99.1688.com

English official website: www.qlheat.com

And this official WeChat account: gzqingli

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