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2020 Qingli Elite Group Annual Expansion Tour

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Due to the epidemic this year and relatively many orders in the workshop, we have been working overtime and busy shipping. This year’s expansion has been postponed to November. Taking advantage of the opportunity to install new vehicles in the workshop, our annual expansion finally started on November 22!

1. Expansion trip mobilization meeting


All Qingli people gathered in the open space of the factory on time at 8:00, and then the organizer explained the expansion process, the attention of the company’s leader’s speech, and the purpose of expansion. First, strengthen the communication and exchange between employees, and enhance the team’s cohesion and centripetal force; The second is to let all Qingli people leave the tense production environment and relax outdoors.

After all the members took pictures, they set off on time at 8:15.

2. Fun games on the bus


The wonderful talent show of each member

3. Team building

Instructors guide us to do warm-up exercises, let us enter into today’s expansion journey full of energy

The first is the first major project. All members participate in and perform various actions according to the instructions of the instructor. Although the actions are simple, all members must complete it simultaneously. It is impossible to make mistakes. This is a very test of the tacit understanding and cooperation between the members.


In the end, with the unremitting efforts of all members, the first major project was completed within the time specified by the instructor, which reflects the infinite cohesion of our large team.

4. Champion Team, Bright Sword Team, Perfect Team


5. Team competition

“Around the World”

In the end, the perfect team took the first place with lightning speed

6. Lunch supplement


After several rounds of rich expansion projects, all members have consumed a lot of physical strength. They all have a big meal and prepare to continue fighting in the afternoon.

Seven, CS field competition

The first is the first part of the field battle, putting on equipment and dividing into two teams, namely “special forces” and “navy forces”

In the second session, all members follow the instructor’s various requirements and guidance, and in the field, safety comes first!

In the third session, the members picked up their firearms and went up the mountain to fight

In the end, the special team took the flag and won

8. Summary and sharing

All members were deeply touched by this expansion trip, and they all rushed to share their feelings and what they learned. This expansion has benefited everyone a lot.

Nine, a successful end, happy return


All members boarded the return bus with joy and ended an unforgettable expansion trip for one day

At this point, the expansion journey of Qingli in 2020 is all over
Our members of Qingli will walk hand in hand and move forward bravely!
In the days to come, we will continue to summarize and move forward and surpass ourselves.
Starting from the starting point, heading towards the end, not forgetting the original intention, and making persistent efforts!


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